Third Time’s a Charm

by Brian

Well, it’s been a while since I last posted on here. I guess I could have been better about it, but to be honest, not much has changed. It has been 2 years, 6 months, and 21 days since I last went for a run, but that hopefully will be coming to an end in the near* future.

I am heading into surgery for the third time tomorrow morning and my new surgeon has finally found the underlying problem. It all seems to stem from my last surgery in 2014, when I had a calcaneal osteotomy. I won’t go into the details of the procedure, but it basically involves cutting the bone and shifting it. Unfortunately, when that took place, the bone bled a good bit and formed a large callous, as you can see here:

Nice knob  The screw looks menacing, but I don’t feel a thing. That’s a big ass piece of hardware, though – certainly didn’t realize it was in there until much later. Anyway, you can see the large growth on the top of the calcaneus that has formed, and that is the problem. It is currently jamming into my achilles tendon, which is apparently why there is still swelling a year on after my last surgery. So, after consulting with my doc, I’ve decided to go in again and have that thing lopped off.

I guess things really do come in 3’s, so I should not be surprised by this. This next procedure is apparently very routine, so I am not nervous in the least. In fact, I am really excited about getting it out of the way, because it will allow me to get back out there with the rest of the running world again. Also, with the looks of it, I will have a dope new Chuck T lacing system in my foot:

The only way to get to the bone growth is to go thChuck T lace jammyrough the achilles, which is a bummer. They are going to open it up like a curtain, lop that jammy off, and sew the whole thing back up again. To strengthen the whole area, they are putting in speed bridge that will anchor into the calcaneus, which is crucial. The lacing system is made up of flat sutures, and to avoid any knots, they anchor it into the bone. The anchors get absorbed over time, leaving just the Chuck Taylor jammy, which is what they really should call it. So, that’s about that.

I should be back on my feet in 4 weeks, which is much better than the 8-9 weeks it took me over the last 3 surgeries (I had one on my left foot about 10 years ago). I have big plans in the fall, so I am hoping to be back out on the roads in time to train. You know, why wouldn’t you sign up for the NYC Marathon after the third surgery.

You’re damn right I am running.

Peace and Dilaudid 25mg all day, erryday –